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  • The best water purifiers India has to offer

    Choosing the best and great water purifier a very important choose you will ever have to make. Going to the shops and taking any water purifier because it is cheaper or on promotion is never really a good idea because cheap is never of good quality and it doesn’t last long. It will never really serve your needs. So let us help you to make that important decision more informatively and wisely, we are here to provide you with interesting facts to consider;


    1. Capacity

    The capacity of your chosen water purifier will depend on the number of people who are going to be using it. The more use it then the bigger it will have to be.

    Take for example if only a maximum of 5 people use the water then you need to invest in a 25 litre capacity. The size of the filter will all depend on the number of people who are going to be using it. Do all you can to avoid buying high capacity purifiers for no reason.

    1. Dimensions

    If you are buying water purifier for home use then you should choose the compact filter. This is also perfect of the office if you are looking for something very easy to use, handy and light weight.

    But then again when you choose a purifier for your office you should consider the number of people who are going to be using that purifier so depending on the number you should choose one that has enough capacity.

    1. Electric or Non Electric

    This probably the most important aspect to consider when choosing your water filter. You wouldn’t want to buy an electronic water filter if you know that there is no water supply in your area

    In many remote places in India, electricity is not regular or yet not available. For such case you can consider buying a none electronic filter like the Smart 15 L Gravity Based Water Purifier which is the one of the best non electric water purifier in India.

    1. User Rating

    When buying water filters online, you should always consider what other people are saying about that particular product since they have brought it. Don’t make a mistake that you could have avoided, always remember to check.

    1. Types

    While you are busy checking out people’s reviews about the water reviews, you should also check out the types of different water filters that you can find in India and how each can benefit you. First decide which type want and then start comparing them, here is a list of water filters available in the market today;

    • RO Water Purifier
    • UV Water Purifier
    • UF Water Purifier

    Each of these purifiers have different feature and functions. Read up on it so that you can get the best value for your money.

    1. Durability

    Choose quality over quantity, choose to buy from trusted stores and brands to get value for your money and also to make sure the product will have a long lifespan. Simple nothing complicated. We want have best water purifier for home use. So always buy from trusted brands, stores.

          7. Warranty

    Please don’t buy products that don’t have a warrantee for even a year, if a product doesn’t not have a warrantee then it is unlikely that it is the best product.

           8. Auto Shut Off Feature

    The best feature any purifier should have, it will safe you the work and the trouble of always checking the process of the purifier but it can control itself. This function will allow filter to switch off when this is not in use or filtration processes has been done. Read the full article here.