• Pomade vs. Gel

    Looking is good business – whoever made that quote was very wise indeed. Most people believe that looking good is a woman’s thing, not in this time and age it isn’t. Men are more concerned about their looks and grooming than ever before. Various products have been created such as best pomade for thick curly hair formen’s grooming and hairstyling.

    Hairstyling products have evolved over the years; pomades, waxes, gels and sprays. In this article, we want to look at pomades and gels, their advantages and comparison.

    When pomades were first created, the main ingredients were apple and bear fat. Modern pomades (oil-based) no longer utilize bear fat, they have been replaced with synthetic substances like petrolatum, petroleum, soft paraffin and mineral oils. Pomades can be used to achieve old school look and modern spike hairstyles. Pomades are of two types; the traditional oil-based pomades and the modern water-based pomades.

    Advantages of Pomade

    • Pomade can be used to style curly hair.
    • Can be used to style long, medium and short hair.
    • Water-based pomades can be washed easily using water.
    • Hair styled with pomade can be restyled any time of the day just by using some water and a comb.
    • Pomade also helps in moisturizing and nourishing the hair.
    • They help in achieving some amazing hairstyles.


    Gel is a very famous hairstyling product, accessible anywhere in the world. Gel were initially made of fat, the modern gels are made using chemical based polymers which is responsible for its viscous nature.

    Advantages of Gel

    • They provide a strong hold that keeps the hair in place all day, withstanding wind pressures.
    • Gel washes off easily, in usually one wash.
    • It is extremely popular and can be accessed anywhere in the world.
    • Ideal for hairstyles that requires a wet, sleek look.
    • Gels come in a range of hold options; light, firm, and strong hold.

    Pomade vs. Gel

    • Gel makes the hair crunchy which makes it hard to restyle. Pomade on the other hand maintains its flexibility all day and can be easily restyled.
    • Hair styled with gel tends to turn hard after styling, unlike pomade.
    • Gels mostly provide a wet look, whereas pomades provide a wet look when applied on damp hair and a matte finish when applied on dry hair.
    • Using gel for extensive periods might lead to hair loss and severe dehydration.

    So, there you have it. In my opinion, I think pomade is a far better option than gel for so many reasons. If you have read this article then you will agree with me.

  • Shoes for Nurses with Plantar Fasciitis

    new-balance-ww812-walking-shoe-menWhat is plantar fasciitis?

    The sole is referred to as the plantar area. Plantar fasciitis is a chronic local inflammation of the ligament stretching underneath the sole, also referred to as the plantar fascia, that attaches at the heel.

    Causes of plantar fasciitis?

    Repetitive strain injury most commonly causes plantar fasciitis to the ligament of the sole. Such strain injury can be from excessive running or walking and wearing improper footwear.

    The main symptoms of plantar fasciitis include foot pain, heel pain, stiffness, and tenderness.

    There are various treatments for plantar fasciitis, but the cheapest and most effective remedy is to ensure the correct footwear is always worn. Nurses are at risk of developing plantar fasciitis because they spend a lot of time wearing shoes. If the wrong shoes are worn for such a long period, in such stressful conditions, plantar fasciitis might develop.

    Selecting the Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Nurses

    Let us take a look at attributes you should look out for when buying nursing shoes for plantar fasciitis

    • Look out for nursing shoes with good arch support. The midfoot has to be raised to prevent further strain on the ligament which will lead to more pain and discomfort. There are lots of nursing shoes with good arch support; this cannot be known just by looking at the exterior. Go through the specifications of the shoe and if possible, try them on.
    • For plantar fasciitis, nursing shoes with rigid midsoles are the best. Too much twist and bend as a result of flexibility are not ideal for plantar fasciitis as this leads to overpronation. Stiff shoes feel more comfortable on people with overpronation problems.
    • Nurses are on their feet for most hours during their shift. The shock from hitting the foot when running, walking and standing can have an adverse effect on the foot. Go for nursing shoes with good heel support and adequate padding to reduce the impact of such shocks and provide cushioning to the foot for optimal comfort.
    • When buying a nursing shoe for plantar fasciitis, go for shoes that have the motion control feature. These shoes will reduce the inward rolling of the foot (overpronation) and align the foot properly to a natural position. This will minimize the pain on the foot and other parts like the knees, hips and lower back. Check the specification of the shoes to make sure it has the motion control feature because it’s hard to tell just looking at the exterior.
    • Orthotic inserts are an effective way to treat plantar fasciitis. When shopping for nursing shoes, make sure the original inserts are removable as these may not perform as expected.

    Plantar fasciitis has been treated times without number just by wearing the right footwear for various occasions. Nurses are one with their shoes as they spend so many hours in them. However, wearing the wrong footwear for long periods can have devastating consequences. This guide will help you in selecting the best nursing footwear for plantar fasciitis.

  • 5 things you should consider before buying a cordless impact wrench

    Don’t buy a product that you will be able to use

    Cordless tools were once heavy, unwieldy behemoths sporting fats nickel-cadmium batteries. But software businesses have slimmed their products down with smooth, longer lasting lithium-ion cells. Thing is, Li-ion tools are luxurious. Which is why manufacturers nonetheless make the historical NiCad tools.

    If you’re not too handy and plan on only utilizing your energy tools for the occasional shelf placing or plywood reducing, you’ll be just satisfactory with NiCad batteries. They weigh a little extra they usually take a very long time to cost (often as so much as 3 hours), however for many tasks you are probably not to move via greater than the 2 batteries most instruments include.

    However, if you plan to spend each weekend this spring constructing that climate-controlled comedian-guide library, you’re going to want to go Li-ion. The batteries charge in as little as a half-hour, they final longer, and so they weigh much less. Because of this, your hands will not get tired as speedily. That you can even choose between ordinary slim packs and longer-lifestyles fatties for your best cordless impact wrench tool.


    Consider the measurement of the tool

    It is simple: the higher the volts, the higher the vigour. That suggests more torque for driving screws or miter sawing, more pace for jigsawing and sanding, extra hammer motion for impact using. Unless you are a professional, you mainly do not want anything greater than an 18-volt device. A good 18V drill will get you via huge jobs like framing and deck building, and that you could cut via plenty of plywood with an 18V circular noticed.

    Do not discount the smaller instruments, though. External of circular saws, every device is replicated in a 12V version. The instruments may just seem slightly girly, however, they work simply first-class. Drill/drivers, in special, are best performers with 12V batteries, ready to sink drywall screws into framing and even do some smaller decking jobs.

    Keep in mind, though, that there are still some tools you must buy with cords. If you want miter saws or round saws to reduce thick lumber, you rather need the consistent power of plug-in instruments. Equal with hard workers like reciprocating saws and grinders.

    Be careful of the product marketing

    Producers inspire manufacturer loyalty by way of promoting tools either with batteries or without. That manner as soon as you have bought your first software and it’s two incorporated batteries you should utilize them on all of the different tools from that platform. However simplest on instruments from that platform. It’s an excellent thought, then, to make your purchasing decision headquartered on everything an organization sells instruments that you might need down the road.

    So what to look for? On account that the basic operate of most energy tools would not fluctuate much from the corporation to company, determine out the add-ons. You would fall in love with a rapid trade chuck, an excellent LED gentle, or even a belt hook. Know what size blade or style of bit an instrument takes and be sure that’s what you wish to have. Then there may be cost you get what you pay for. A higher price factor most likely displays extra money spent on innovation, ergonomic design, or long lasting substances.

    Retro is cool

    One strategy to keep just a little of dough on new tools is to retrofit your ancient instruments with new batteries. For those who already possess a collection of NiCad instruments, some companies, together with DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi, have designed their Li-ion batteries to suit ancient models. A brand new accelerated lifestyle Li-ion battery costs about $a hundred, but you can shop some huge cash if you have already got a whole suite of instruments that can use it.

    There may be a battery for every tool

    NiCad batteries lose power if left unused for a while, so they are good offers for cautious planners. Impulsive tinkerers, however, could find their building buzz harshed with the aid of a mandated charging wreck. (On the plus part, they participate in higher in colder climates, so go for it, Canada!) They are able to even have memory issues, so they’re better off left to drain before being recharged again.

    Li-ion batteries, however, will also be left plugged in continuously, and most chargers are designed to top off the device once every week as needed. The most important trouble with Li-ion batteries just isn’t understanding when they may be death. Producers name this a “fade-free charge” but what it particularly way is you is not going to get the tell-tale slow-down because the batteries put on out. The device will simply stop.

  • The best water purifiers India has to offer

    Choosing the best and great water purifier a very important choose you will ever have to make. Going to the shops and taking any water purifier because it is cheaper or on promotion is never really a good idea because cheap is never of good quality and it doesn’t last long. It will never really serve your needs. So let us help you to make that important decision more informatively and wisely, we are here to provide you with interesting facts to consider;


    1. Capacity

    The capacity of your chosen water purifier will depend on the number of people who are going to be using it. The more use it then the bigger it will have to be.

    Take for example if only a maximum of 5 people use the water then you need to invest in a 25 litre capacity. The size of the filter will all depend on the number of people who are going to be using it. Do all you can to avoid buying high capacity purifiers for no reason.

    1. Dimensions

    If you are buying water purifier for home use then you should choose the compact filter. This is also perfect of the office if you are looking for something very easy to use, handy and light weight.

    But then again when you choose a purifier for your office you should consider the number of people who are going to be using that purifier so depending on the number you should choose one that has enough capacity.

    1. Electric or Non Electric

    This probably the most important aspect to consider when choosing your water filter. You wouldn’t want to buy an electronic water filter if you know that there is no water supply in your area

    In many remote places in India, electricity is not regular or yet not available. For such case you can consider buying a none electronic filter like the Smart 15 L Gravity Based Water Purifier which is the one of the best non electric water purifier in India.

    1. User Rating

    When buying water filters online, you should always consider what other people are saying about that particular product since they have brought it. Don’t make a mistake that you could have avoided, always remember to check.

    1. Types

    While you are busy checking out people’s reviews about the water reviews, you should also check out the types of different water filters that you can find in India and how each can benefit you. First decide which type want and then start comparing them, here is a list of water filters available in the market today;

    • RO Water Purifier
    • UV Water Purifier
    • UF Water Purifier

    Each of these purifiers have different feature and functions. Read up on it so that you can get the best value for your money.

    1. Durability

    Choose quality over quantity, choose to buy from trusted stores and brands to get value for your money and also to make sure the product will have a long lifespan. Simple nothing complicated. We want have best water purifier for home use. So always buy from trusted brands, stores.

          7. Warranty

    Please don’t buy products that don’t have a warrantee for even a year, if a product doesn’t not have a warrantee then it is unlikely that it is the best product.

           8. Auto Shut Off Feature

    The best feature any purifier should have, it will safe you the work and the trouble of always checking the process of the purifier but it can control itself. This function will allow filter to switch off when this is not in use or filtration processes has been done. Read the full article here.